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Store Coach Review – The Store Coach Tools

As I pointed out in another one of my Store Coach Reviews, the training provided by Store Coach that outlines how to build a profitable online business is second to none. They take you step by step through everything – finding something to sell online, where to find wholesale suppliers, how to build your store and getting your site to rank well in the search engines, along with a host of other things you’ll need to know if you plan on starting a profitable online business.

One of the many things that separates Store Coach from any other “make money online training course” is the tools they also provide with the course. Go try to get similar tools online and I guarantee that you will be spending more than $150 per month for what Store Coach provides for free with their membership!

In this post, I’ll break down each of the tools that Store Coach provides at no additional cost.

Niche Ninja Logo
Only available to Store Coach members!

You can’t really begin building an online store until you have some idea what it is that you want to sell. Whether you plan on building an affiliate site or a true eCommerce website, online success starts with choosing a product niche that gets a lot of searches but still is not so competitive, that you have no chance of ranking well for the products you intend to sell.

Not a problem; the Store Coach eCommerce course includes a fantastic tool called “Niche Ninja”. Niche Ninja helps you find the things that people are looking to buy online – even if you have no clue what you might want to sell. The tool will show you the search terms people are using, how many searches per day occur on Google in the United States for each of the terms it discovers, whether it is a “seasonal” keyword phrase or one that is searched for year-round, give you a profit potential score and, most important, Niche Ninja will let you know how competitive each search term is that it discovers.

It all starts with setting the parameters for your search. You can tell Niche Ninja that you only want it to show you keyword phrases that get searched for at least “x” times per day and also set the profit potential score and seasonality score minimums (I always set it to at least ten searches per day and leave the seasonality and profit potential scores set to the minimum level, “1”).

Next, you simply feed a random word into the Niche Ninja tool and let it do its thing. You can type practically any seed word into the tool (“goalie”, “coffee”, “ring”, “ghost”) and be amazed at the number of product-oriented keyword phrase opportunities that it will discover.

Niche Ninja lets you save any individual phrase it discovers to your favorites, has a place where you can add any notes you would like to put next to a phrase and even has a button that you can press to see full details on all of the websites that are currently ranking on page one of Google for the phrase and why they are there. It will even let you know whether the sites that are on page one are niche-specific sites. Those last two things are extremely helpful in determining how hard it will be for you to pass those page one sites in the search results.

If there is a keyword phrase that you would like to drill down further on, simply click on it and Niche Ninja will further refine the results to only keyword phrases that are related to the particular search phrase you selected.

I have looked everywhere online and I simply cannot find any tool that makes niche discovery any easier. The closest I can find are tools that cost as much as $100 PER MONTH to use. Unlimited use of the Niche Ninja tool is included with your Store Coach membership.

When you have a powerful niche discovery tool like Niche Ninja at your disposal, the sky’s the limit on how many interesting and profitable website ideas you can uncover. In twenty minutes, I can discover ten new product niche ideas. There are literally thousands of them! How many will you find?

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Dropship Blueprint Logo
A Store Coach member’s-only supplier directory

Anyone who has ever built an eCommerce store can tell you that the hardest thing to do is to find suppliers of the products you want to sell. Sure, if you have tons of extra money lying around and a huge area in your house or garage to store products, it’s not all that difficult finding suppliers. That’s not practical for most people, though.

The Store Coach website business course concentrates more on the “dropship” eCommerce model where you get suppliers to ship things directly to customers for you. This not only saves you the space and money of having to carry a large inventory of the products you want to sell, but it also means you won’t be wasting your days, packing and shipping things. Fortunately the Store Coach training shows you how to contact suppliers and get them to dropship their products for you, while still receiving wholesale prices.

Still, some people aren’t comfortable making calls to manufacturers or distributors in an effort to convince them to dropship products to their customers. As you may have discovered, there is an entire internet industry built around places that will allegedly hook people up with wholesale suppliers. Unfortunately, those dropship directories tend to promise far more than they deliver and charge a pretty hefty price for their slim pickings.

There’s no need to waste your money signing up for a membership to a dropship directory. Store Coach has its own directory that members can use – Dropship Blueprint. The Dropship Blueprint supplier directory has thousands of dropship suppliers listed in it with millions of products. Store Coach charges nothing extra for its members to use the directory to easily find dropship suppliers and they are constantly adding new wholesalers and dropshippers as they are discovered.

Although the preferred method will always be to contact manufacturers directly, Dropship Blueprint gives those who are unsure of themselves or looking for “the easy way out” an alternative to making cold calls to potential suppliers.

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Link Thief Logo
Steal your competition’s links with this Store Coach members-only tool!

As you may know, one of the most effective ways of rising higher in the search engine rankings is getting other sites to link to you. Those links, called “backlinks”, are considered “votes” by the search engines. Get more “votes” from related, respected websites than your competitor has, and you have an excellent chance of passing them in the search rankings.

As many who have tried get backlinks will tell you, that is often easier said than done. The Store Coach course gives you all kinds of secrets that the experts use to get fantastic backlinks but Store Coach gives you one more secret weapon – perhaps the most valuable tool of all in the Store Coach toolbox – the Competitor Link Thief tool.

Link Thief allows you to instantly see all of the links that the top 20 websites have for any keyword search. Once you know who is linking to them, you can probably get those links, too!

You may be asking yourself, “if I have the same links as they have, how will I pass them in the rankings?” Well, the answer is quite simple. Any individual website may have certain links but you will be going after the sum total of ALL the links from those 20 websites. Provided that your pages are well optimized and contain quality information, it’s almost impossible for you NOT to fly your way past most of those websites.

Store Coach members also have access to training webinars, one of which shows you how to use the link thief tool in a very unique way that I consider to be the greatest link building method I have ever seen. Sorry, you’ll need Store Coach membership to learn that incredibly delicious secret method!

Yes, you can spend another $100 per month and certainly find a tool that will do some of what Link Thief does. Why do that when Store Coach has a better tool and includes unlimited use of Link Thief for free?

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